Name: Jenna

Birthday: Aries on the cusp of Taurus, which means I am passionate, stubborn, and like to be in charge.

Family: Not married, no children; many siblings, and as a result I have twelve nieces and nephews ranging from one year old to in their mid-twenties. One funny-faced dog.

Stuff: A large collection of CDs and books, that is slowly being converted into digital because I just don't have any more shelf space. A growing collection of Funko Pops, which mostly live on my desk at my day job.

Work: Said day job is kind of awesome with occasional bouts of "OH WHY WHY WHY." I have also been everything from a janitor to a radio announcer on a classical music station.

Education: associate's degree in history, bachelor's degree in humanities/English literature. Master's degree in comparative literature begun but not completed; life got in the way. I keep thinking I'll go back and get a graduate degree someday. We'll see.

Writing: decided to Be A Writer at the age of nine; finally got the first novel published in 2007, many years later. Meantime, wrote a lot for an audience of me; then for an audience of friends and roommates; then discovered fanfiction and ... well, fanfiction happened. It's been mostly good to me. There have also been four original novels, about two dozen novellas and short stories, and a few freebies of various lengths.

Serials: Fidele is my first serialized novel, and this is very much an experiment. Depending on the success of this experiment, there may be more. Goodness knows I've got more.


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